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BEPO Q & A's

John F. Kennedy Elementary School
200 Lincoln St
Blackstone, MA 01504

BEPO Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

1. Question: What is BEPO?

Answer: BEPO is the JFK and AFM PTO. BEPO is an acronym for Blackstone Elementary Parents Organization.

2. Question: What does BEPO do?

Answer: BEPO organizes and plans the schools’ fun events and we do fundraisers.

3. Question: How can I contact someone from BEPO?

Answer: Feel free to email us at

4. Question: When and where are the BEPO Meetings each month?

Answer: BEPO meetings are held on the first Monday of each month (except September which will be on the second Monday and we do not have a January meeting). These meetings are held in the AFM Cafeteria and start at 6:15pm.

5. Question: Who can attend the BEPO meetings? Can I bring my children?

Answer: All parents, teachers, staff and children can attend our meetings. We have paper, crayons and coloring pages for the kids.

6. Question: How can I find out about BEPO events?

Answer: BEPO has 5 main ways of getting information out to parents….

1. Every month we email out our monthly BEPO Bulletin. This will list all of our current and upcoming events.

2. Please visit our Facebook Page for information (BEPO)

3. We send home our event flyers on BLUE paper. Almost all of our flyers will be on BLUE paper with the exception of Box Top Sheets.

4. Check out our BEPO Bulletin boards at JFK (in the hallway across from the office) and at AFM (in the office)

5. Our school website will have our events listed

6. Question: How can I get on the BEPO email distribution list?

Answer: Please send us your email address and we will add you to our email list.

7. Question: How can I sign up to volunteer?

Answer: You can volunteer in three ways:

1. For our events we use

We send this out via email and anyone who wants to volunteer can sign up online.

2. You can always just email us at

3. Sign up on our Facebook page

8. Question: What can I volunteer to do?

Answer: We always need volunteers! We have so many events that we need help with. We also have so many other ways you can help out such as photocopying flyers, counting box tops, putting together our KidStuff Fundraiser books, gardening, and so much more.

9. Question: Do you still collect Box Tops?

Answer: Yes! Please cut and tape all Box Tops on the Box Top Sheets we send home. If you need more sheets each school office will have extras. Last year we made just over $1800 for JFK and AFM Schools.

10. Question: How do I find out about School Spirit Days?

Answer: School Spirit Days are set up and sponsored by Ms.Carson’s AOK Club. BEPO will post these on our Monthly BEPO Bulletin. They will also be posted on the school website.

11. Question: What does BEPO do with the money from their fundraisers?

Answer: For the 2016-2017 school year BEPO spent over $18,000 for our schools. We paid $3775 for the field trip buses for grades 1-5, we paid $3010 for the in house assemblies for grades K-1, we gave $1000 to the school library to purchase new books, we purchased 22 document cameras for classroom teachers $3388, we purchased folders for both schools and planners (AFM only) approx. $2000, we paid $2000 towards the Scholastic News Curriculum which is used in every grade, we purchased Community Reading Books $226, we purchased 5th Grade Field Day Shirts and Snacks $777, we celebrated Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week with a luncheon and daily treats $565, we paid for 3 after school clubs $1155 and many more smaller purchases for the school.