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BMR Yearbook

Blackstone-Millville Regional High School
175 Lincoln Street
Blackstone, MA 01504
Absentee : (508) 876-0114

BMR Yearbook

The Blackstone-Millville Regional High School Yearbook is an annual publication the student body looks forward to seeing each year.

ALL BMR STUDENTS are eligible to join this extra-curricular club that meets after-school. The faculty advisor is Mark Juba. Yearbook meets Tuesday and Thursday after-school from October to December, then every Tuesday from December until final deadline, which is usually the last week in March. The club's annual pizza party, where all members who contributed to the book positively are personally invited, is held during the seniors' last week of classes.

The club's mission is to provide a record of the people and biggest events at BMR for its respective year. Every student who attends BMR should have their picture in the book at least once, with a goal of at least two photos per student. The Yearbook averages around 160 pages and is printed in full color.

It is first given out at Senior Banquet, which is traditionally held the Wednesday before Graduation. The underclassmen start getting their books the following day.

The Yearbook is totally self-sufficient, with the club meeting its printing cost through the sale of books, business ads and senior parent congratulation testimonials. The prices are as follows:

Unipay accepts checking account, AMEX, Discover or Mastercard
(credit card will be charged a fee)

Purchase a yearbook (before January 9) $55.00
Options: Name stamp $7
Autograph pages $3
Purchase a Yearbook: (after January 9) $100
Option: Autograph pages $3

Business Ads and Senior Parents Congratulation Testimonials
Full page: $225
Half page: $150
1/4 page: $80
1/8 page: $50
1/16 page (only available to parents): $30