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Health Services

Health Services

June 2016

Dear JFK and AFM Parents and Families,

As the end of the school year approaches, we want to remind you and help prepare you for the beginning of the next school year. If your child is coming back in the fall or moving up to the middle school, it is extremely important to have these things listed below in place by the first day of school.

1. Students that receive daily prescription or over the counter medication during the school day should have new doctor’s orders and new medication brought to the nurse by the first day of school.

2. Students that have life threatening allergies should have new Epi Pen orders, a completed Food Allergy Action Plan signed by the parents and physician accompanied with unexpired Epi Pens brought to the nurse by the first day of school.

3. Students that require inhalers or nebulizer treatments will need updated medication orders, completed Asthma Action Plans signed by the parents and physician, and medication brought to the nurse by the first day of school.

4. Students that have diabetes should bring in updated medication orders with completed Diabetic Action Plans signed by the parents and physician accompanied with stock insulin and supplies into the health office/classroom by the first day of school.

5. Students that have any other health concerns, can bring in documentation from their pediatrician and can meet with the school nurse to plan their care accordingly.

6. All kindergarten and 4th grade students are mandated by the state of Massachusetts to have a complete physical exam with required immunizations completed and sent in to the nurse.

7. If your child has medication in the health office, please remember to pick them up by the last day of school on June 22 or they will be discarded. We do not keep medication in the health office over the summer.

All 5th grade students moving up to the middle school should have an updated physical with immunizations and an updated daily medication order with necessary medications, if required, handed into Sue Weigers, School Nurse, at the Frederick W. Hartnett Middle 508-876-0190

Please check out the district website for any information or necessary forms to help complete the process. All health information and medical forms are located under the parent tab/health services.

Thank you so much for your attention in this matter. Planning ahead and being proactive in your child’s health makes a smooth transition into the new school year.

Have a wonderful summer!


Holly Barros and Tracy Juliano

JFK/AFM School Nurses

Fax: 508-876-0158. Phone: 508-876-0113


AFM and JFK Elementary Schools

Holly Barros BSN, RN, CPN, HNB-BC, NCSN

Tracy Dullea Juliano, MSN, RN
telephone: 508-876-0113
fax: 508-876-0158

Millville Elementary School

Dorothy Santoro, BSN, RN
telephone: 508-876-0154
fax: 508-883-0339

Frederick W. Hartnett Middle School

Sue Wiegers BSN, RN, NCSN
telephone: 508-876-0190
fax: 508-876-0198

BMR High School

Karen Young, BSN, RN
telephone: 508-876-0110
fax: 508-876-1035