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Principal's Newsletter

December 2017 Principal Newsletter

Dear Families,


The holiday season is upon us, with all of it’s hustle and bustle.  I hope you have time to slow down and relax with your family and friends!! Just a few thoughts…...

Welcome!  to Officer Dave Laudon, our new School Resource Officer across all of the BMR schools.  Officer Dave occasionally comes into our school and helps with various projects at our school.

Blackstone Town Meeting  On Wednesday, January 24, the town of Blackstone will hold a Special Town Meeting to ask voters to appropriate $75,000 to develop schematic designs for repairs and upgrades to our school.  This is an important step in the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s  grant  program for school building and construction and renovation projects.  Approval of the $75,000 would be an important step towards a major renovation project at our 51 year old school.  Please consider attending this meeting on January 24.  

Buses At each of the bus stops, our students should be met by an adult.  If, for whatever reason, your child will be met by someone different than their usual person, please give the driver a note explaining this change.  The bus drivers have occasionally had situations where they are greeted by someone other than the expected person to release the child.  Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us!!

Student absences Students are required to be in attendance in school on a daily basis.  If your child is to be absent from school on a given day, a phone call must be made to our school by 8:30 am.  Please call 508 876-0118 and leave a message concerning your child’s absence.

Fluoride Program Students in grades 1-5 who have chosen to, will participate in our annual Fluoride Rinse program on Tuesday mornings.  School volunteers will deliver the supplies to homerooms.  Thank you to those volunteers who help to keep our students with healthy mouths and strong teeth!!

Box Tops Donations to benefit our library --Keep bringing in your Boxtops for Education. The money raised through this fundraiser is used to buy new books for our library at JFK/AFM. Last year, we raised over $1,000 to support our library.

Golden Spoon Award  Last month I described the Golden Spoon award, where we acknowledge student’s achievements in following our cafeteria behavioral expectations.  The classroom  winners thus far have been as follows:  Kindergarten; October -Mrs. Dorfman, November-Mrs. Clark,  Grade 1; October-Mrs. MacMillan, November- Mrs. Cote,  Grade 2: October- Mrs. Grube, November- Mrs.Teixeira.  The winning classes were honored by having their  lunch up on the stage and receiving a special snack, and the coveted Golden Spoon award will reside in their classroom for the month! . Congratulations to these classes, you are the role models for other classes to follow.

Senior Volunteers We have begun a program whereby we are working with volunteers from the Blackstone Council on Aging and these volunteers come to our school to help in our classrooms.  These volunteers work with students in math, reading and writing.  This program has begun on a small scale, we hope to expand it in the future. Thanks to Laurie Keefe at the Blackstone Council on Aging for her help in developing this program.

School Council Please consider volunteering to join the JFK/AFM School Council.  The school council is an advisory group that meets periodically and has 4 major roles:

  • Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards.

  • Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school.

  • Reviewing the annual school building budget.

  • Formulating a School Improvement Plan.

This committee meets after school and we meet on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15.  Our next meetings are set for Jan 17, March 14, and May 16.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Mr. Tringali at

Spirit Days We have several upcoming School Spirit Days, please join in the fun!!

December-Friday, December 22--Wear Red and Green or Snowflakes

January-Thursday January 11-Favorite Sweatshirt day-Wear your favorite sweatshirt to school

February-Wednesday, February 14-Wear Red for Kindness and Valentine’s Day!!

Thank you for all of your support and cooperation, I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays with your family and friends!!

Steve Tringali

Principal, John F. Kennedy Elementary School