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School Emergency Contact/Relocation

School Emergency Contact/Relocation Plan

Blackstone-Millville Regional School District

Emergency / Weather Closings


Dear Parents,

The Blackstone-Millville Regional School District will continue to utilize the One Call Now notification system for school cancellations, delays or early closings.  Notification will also be shared with the community through the following: 

School District Website                                

Channel 4 (WBZ)                                   

Channel 5 (WCVB)                                    

Channel 7 (WHDH)                                 

Fox 25                                                 

RI Broadcasters Association                   

Blackstone Cable (Comcast)

Millville Cable (Charter)                        


Delay Openings:

          There is no morning Pre-School Program.


Early Closings:

All after-school and evening activities (both school sponsored and community sponsored) are cancelled unless otherwise noted. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 



Jason DeFalco, EdD.


Relocation Plan

In the event of an emergency that requires the evacuation of a building, schools will relocate as follows:

Millville Elementary School relocates to Blackstone Elementary Complex

Blackstone Elementary Complex relocates to Blackstone-Millville High School Gym

F.W. Hartnett Middle School relocates to Blackstone-Millville High School Gym

Blackstone-Millville High School relocates to Blackstone Elementary Complex - Gym

If there is a public safety emergency, the relocation plan may be altered based on advice and direction from the local police and fire departments.