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Selection Process

Blackstone-Millville Regional High School
175 Lincoln Street
Blackstone, MA 01504
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Selection Process

Students are selected for membership into the Blackstone-Millville Chapter of the National Honor Society by meeting the following criteria.

Scholarship: To be eligible for membership,a student must follow an advanced college prep curriculum to include four weighted courses per year and have a cumulative scholastic average of at least 90% (partially weighted). This does not guarantee membership, but only makes a student eligible to pick up a student information packet. The student must pick his/her packet up from the advisor by the designated deadline and complete it by the next deadline. Failure to do so, makes the student no longer eligible, and the process ends there. All packets that are passed in on time are then given to the NHS faculty council for consideration.

Leadership: Leadership may be overt or silent in nature. The faculty council considers the student's leadership roles in athletics, clubs, organizations, and in the classroom. They look at the student who does not give in to peer pressure but rather leads others in a positive way. Overall involvement in activities is also an important consideration when selecting new members.

Service: Each candidate must have done some type of service in the school or community. This service must be documented and signed by a sponsor. The service must be more than just baby-sitting or yard work; community-based work is preferred. Work that is required of them for Girl/Boy Scouts, CCD, or other organizations should not be their only source of service for NHS requirements.

Character: A student's character is important! The faculty council receives feedback/comments from the rest of the faculty and staff about each candidate's performance and character to help assist in the selection process. The faculty council looks for those students who demonstrate only positive attributes such as: dependability, trustworthiness, sincerity, friendliness, diligence, helpfulness toward peers and teachers, positive reactions to criticism, etc.

The student packets are read carefully by the five-member faculty council. The student essay portion of the packet is an important piece of information. The student tells what he or she can do for the National Honor Society. This essay must be typed and well-written.

The selection process takes place each Spring following the third quarter and involves sophomores and juniors. Seniors who have fulfilled all of the above criteria are selected in the fall following first quarter. Any number of students may be selected; there is not a set amount of "spots" to be filled each year. All decisions made by the Faculty Council are final. New members must be inducted into the chapter at a public ceremony to be held in the Molony-Sullivan Auditorium in May.