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Senior Year Timetable

Senior Year Timetable

Month-Month Timetable

  • Get off to a good start academically
  • Work with parents and counselor to implement post-secondary plans
  • Begin to narrow down college list
  • Register early for SAT and/or SAT Subjects Tests, ACT, or TOEFL
  • Consider carefully your responsibilities if applying Early Decision or Early Action
  • Ask teacher for recommendations


  • Finalize college essays
  • Attend college open-houses
  • Plan interviews, if appropriate
  • Be aware of Early Action/Early Decision deadlines and requirements
  • If colleges require the CSS Financial Aid “Profile”, complete at
  • Register for additional SAT and SAT Subject Tests, if necessary


  • Submit Early Decision or Early Action applications
  • Submit Transcript Request Sheets and other materials to guidance counselor at least two weeks prior to application deadlines
  • Keep organized and up-to-date!


  • Review all drafts with teachers, parents or counselor
  • Submit all applications and supplemental materials to colleges in order to meet most Regular Decision deadlines
  • Talk with graduates who are home from college
  • Attend Financial Aid Night


  • File FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1
  • Submit mid-year grade forms to guidance secretary
  • Complete college financial aid forms


  • Send all necessary forms and applications for financial aid
  • If still undecided about future plans, continue working with your counselor


  • Continue to explore and learn about the colleges applied to
  • Send any new material to colleges which may enhance application
  • Apply for local scholarships: BMR, community, state, etc.


  • Finalize college choice and notify college
  • Complete Senior Exit Survey
  • Complete online form for NCAA if playing a division I or II sport in college