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Superintendent Update March 2018

We have left the Nor’easters behind, hopefully, and are now in the annual rite of spring known as the budget process.  The School Committee, at their meeting on March 22, adopted and certified an FY19 budget of $24,139,028.  This represents a 7.5% increase over the current year’s budget and there are several contributing factors that account for this:  

1. We continue to experience an increasing migration of students to Norfolk Agricultural HS and to Tri-County RVHS which take an unfairly large amount of funding under the current laws governing school finance; currently about $700,000.  We are also charged for school choice as we have more students that choice out than choice in, reducing our state funding by $308,000.

2. The District has no reserve funds left to offset the budget, as the School Committee has committed an average of $340,000 in each of the last six years.  This E&D account is now reduced to an amount that can no longer be tapped to offset the budget.

3. The Commonwealth has chosen to not fully fund regional transportation and circuit breaker, and by not living up to these promises will cost us $250,000 for next year.

4. We continue to educate all students at BMR, these include an increasing number of low income, English Language Learners, and special education students who have complex social, emotional, and behavioral issues requiring additional supports and programs; which federal and state law say we must provide, for providing the best educational opportunities for all students is our mission.

5. We continue to experience a decline in federal funding through our title grants, this year almost $100,000.

We urge all residents to attend upcoming town meetings to understand the budget issues and to vote how your tax dollars will be spent for the upcoming fiscal year.  The Town of Millville has a special town meeting on Monday April 30th at Millville Elementary School to discuss an override and will hold their annual town meeting on Monday May 14th.  The Town of Blackstone will hold their annual town meeting on Tuesday May 29th at the High School.  As always, please feel free to email me at: if you have questions, comments or would like further clarification on the budget process.

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