Regional School District

Community, Achievement, Respect & Civility

"A District of One - 2,000 Strong!"

Superintendent's Corner

August 2018

Dear BMR Family,

I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. It certainly has been a busy one getting to know our two great communities! Before we start the year I want to share some initial thinking with you about what you can expect from your district’s Leadership Team in the upcoming school year:

  • First, we will come together as an ENTIRE school community. Our “District of One – 2,000 Strong” focus will outline activities and ways that we can join forces around ALL students across our two towns while creating one seamless and supportive community that encourages all students to meet his/her potential. In doing that, we will embrace our district’s four (4) core values – Community, Achievement, Respect and Civility, and as adults, model each of these values for our youth and each other.
  • We will strengthen the core of “what” we teach by completing and developing challenging curriculum and learning materials for ALL students.
  • We will create a common focus on “how” we teach using only the best strategies that engage ALL students in their learning.
  • We will establish an environment in each school where ALL students feel safe to be themselves and take risks with their learning.
  • We will be an active partner with families and community in the teaching and learning of ALL students to make sure each child meets his/her academic potential.

In order to accomplish all that is outlined above we need you to support this work by actively participating in your child’s education. Individually we are each a force but collectively we will be the movement that will reshape the way teaching and learning happens in BMR.  

I could not be more excited to begin the new school year! It has been a long and lonely summer without students, families and teachers. I hope to see you at the first “District of One…” event on August 22nd at 6pm at the Millville bike path parking lot. We will see everyone on our first day of the school year, Wednesday, August 29th.

Together, as a “District of One – 2,000 Strong”, we will bring BMR to new heights.

Very respectfully,

Dr. Jason DeFalco