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Teacher Recommendations

Teacher Recommendations

Keep Your Counselor Informed:
Counselors have specialized information related to specific colleges or scholarships. The information cannot be passed along if your plans are kept to yourself.
Obtain a minimum of two letters of recommendation
Most colleges require two letters of recommendation from teachers in major subject areas. They often also require a letter from your guidance counselor. Additionally, students may also submit one letter from an advisor, coach or employer. Students should never send more than five letters total. Most colleges prefer no more than three.

Provide all forms required by your college and/or by your recommender(s).
Many colleges require teachers and counselor to complete forms in addition to their letter of recommendation. Teachers and counselors may have other forms for you to complete as well. Please complete all forms thoroughly.

Your counselor will ask you to complete a student questionnaire. This is another way for her or him to get to know more about you prior to writing your letter. Not all colleges require a counselor’s recommendation; therefore a counselor will not automatically write a letter. The Guidance Department asks that you give us the same consideration as a teacher when requesting a letter of recommendation.

Make request with ample notice
Please allow plenty of time for the person to complete letters. One month is a good general guideline. Don’t force teachers or counselor to rush a letter.

Send Thank-you notes
Teachers are not required to write letters and write them on personal time. Please send thank you notes for their time, effort and consideration.

In order to make the letter of recommendation process smooth we recommend all students use the Teacher Recommendation Form. This form can be found in the Guidance Department and on the Website.
All requests for recommendation letters must be made through Naviance.