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1:1 Chromebook Workshop - Freshmen and Sophomore Parents

BMRSD has approved the roll-out of chromebooks to all Freshmen and Sophomore students (beginning in January of 2017). The implementation of a 1:1 program creates a learning environment where students have continuous access to technology, leading to increased academic achievement.

BMRSD's commitment to continued research and review by administrators, teachers, and support for families will extend to professional development and workshops. We ask ALL FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE PARENTS/GUARDIANS to attend a 1:1 Chromebook workshop held on December 7th (6:00-7:00pm) in the high school auditorium.


We will share the following:

*Vision and Beliefs about Learning

*Chromebook as a Learning Tool

*Insurance Options

*Safety and Proper Care

*Required parent/students forms

*Usability of Chromebooks, APPS, and Google features


What are my next steps as a Guardian/ Parent?


Step 1: All Parents need to read the BMRSD Technology Program Policy and Procedure Agreement with their student. Any student using district provided chromebook or opting to bring their own device (BYOD) must accept the Agreement via step 2 below using the Technology Program Consent and participation online Form.


Step 2: Fill out the Technology Program Consent and Participation form online. ** Note students will not be issued a chromebook or allowed the bring their own device without submission of this form.


Criteria needed for Insurance and Consent Participation Form:

  1. Student ID Number (Can be found on progress reports/report cards)

  2. The serial number, make and model of the chromebook if you choose to purchase the offered insurance.

Make: eduGear    Model: K4      Serial #:


***The serial numbers of the devices were supplied to students in school and during the parent night presentation.  If you do not have this paperwork please contact the main office for a copy.
Per our Parent Presentation Protective cases and bags are not provided by BMRSD and can be purchase directly via this LINK or other vendors. If purchasing via vendor above you will need this access code BMRSD3867. 

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BMRSD Technology Staff


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