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Fall Sports Recap 2017

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Below are some helpful links to register your son/daughter for a fall.

Additionally, please make sure your child brings a copy of their up to date physical to the first day of practice. If their physical is current your son/daughter should have had the school nurse sign the “purple card” the last few weeks of school.  Without an updated physical and being registered on FamilyID, your son/daughter cannot participate on the first day of tryouts.

To sign up and register as use the link:   (If you are signing up for an account for the first time, you need your son/daughter's school ID number. For those parents who are on the Parent Portal, you can find your child's school ID number there.)

To be eligible for tryouts on Day 1: Aug. 17th Football Aug. 23th All fall sports

  1. Purple card signed by the school nurse for evidence of current physical (13 month to the day) or a copy of an updates physical.

  2. Complete registration through Family ID before tryouts.

  3. Parents and student-athletes must complete the online free concussion course.  Link can be found on the Athletic Department website. ( This can be completed after teams are made)

  4. Student-athletes must have passed 4 subjects in the 1st quarter, as well as 4 subjects for the year.


Football (Grades 9-12) - Josh Euglow:

Boys Soccer (Grades 7-12) - Keith McNamara:

Girls Soccer (Grades 7-12)- Hillary Roberge:  

Volleyball (Grades 7-12) - Vanessa Normandin: 

Cross Country (Grades 6-12)-  Symonne Scott:  & Margaret Fitzgerald  

Field Hockey (Grades 7-12) - Jessica Nasuti: 

Cheerleading (Grades 8-12) - Katie Corriveault:

Preseason schedule 


Athletic Director

Jill Cole