Blackstone Millville Regional School District

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School Nurses implement the entire nursing process when working with students, families and school faculty in a variety of situations and environments. The role of the School Nurse includes the following responsibilities: providers of student care, health teachers, communicators, planners and coordinators of any school intervention needed for the optimal health of the student.
The School Nurse is an integral member of team meetings as the health expert, advisor and resource person for the health needs of the student.
School Nurses provide the student with services that may include the following:

  • adminstration of medication as needed
  • special knowledge of medication that include insulin and insulin pumps, epi-pen and any emergency medications
  • provider of any skilled treatments needed during the school day such as nubulizer or O2
  • monitors health issues in the school environment
  • teachers the staff, bus drivers, and/or aides about special transportation needs, lifting, special equipment or safety measures for special needs students
  • makes adaptations as needed in the area of toileting or feeding
  • documents and monitors immunizations and keeps parents apprised of changes in State law regarding immunizations
  • provides State mandates such as scoliosis, vision and hearing screening and heights and weights
  • communicator between school and home about health related issues
  • advocate for the student in the school system


Health Care Staff

AFM/JKF Elem   Patricia Stanley
Millville Elem   Ann Borges
FWH MS   Sue Wiegers
BMR HS   Dorothy Santoro