File: AC-E

A “Grievance” is a complaint brought by a student, or group of students, or on behalf of students or a group of students who feels that a provision of a school regulation has been misinterpreted, applied inequitably or unjustly. When a grievance is alleged, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. The aggrieved party should attempt remediation through a conference with the teacher involved.
  2. The aggrieved party, if dissatisfied, may present his/her grievance to the Principal/Housemate who after hearing the facts and after consultation with the teacher, take any action he/she thinks is necessary.
  3. If aggrieved party feels the solution/decision is not agreeable, he/she may appeal to the Superintendent, who after consultation with the Principal/Housemate, may take any action he/she thinks necessary.
  4. Still dissatisfied, the aggrieved party may present the case to the School Committee.

ADOPTED: July 11, 1996