File: BDA

For the purpose of organizing, the school committee, at its first regular meeting following the town’s annual elections, will elect from its membership a chairman, a vice-chairman, and a secretary, treasurer, and assistant treasurer all of whom will hold their respective offices for a term of one year or until a successor is elected.

A majority of the members of the school committee, with no fewer than 2 from each community will constitute a quorum. The election will proceed as follows:

  1. Superintendent is Chairman Pro Tem for excusing nominations.
  2. Nominations for the office of chairman will be made from the floor. The chairman will be elected by a majority vote of the members present and voting. If no nominee receives a majority vote, the election will be declared null and void and nominations will be reopened.
  3. Upon election, the new chairman will preside, calling for the election of a vice-chairman and secretary, in order. The procedure used for their election will be the same as that for electing the chairman.

Any vacancy among the officers occurring between organizational meetings will be filled by a member elected by the school committee. The election will be conducted as described above.

Following election of officers at its organizational meeting, the school committee may proceed into such regular or special business as scheduled on the agenda.

LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 71:16A

ADOPTED: July 11, 1996

REVISED: February 16,2006