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The school committee and superintendent shall assist each new member to understand the committee's functions, policies and procedures.

In discussions with new members, the chairman and/or superintendent will clarify procedures that involve:

How a community member (parent, teacher, etc.) may make a request of the committee; appropriate responses/actions of an individual school committee member when a request is presented directly to him or her.

How school committee members may make arrangements to visit schools, and the protocol associated with such visits.

How the school committee members, assigned certain tasks or investigating certain problems, may request information or services of th4e school staff.

How the school committee receives and examines complaints relating to personnel.

How and why executive sessions may be held; what is considered privileged information.

Each newly elected member will be given a copy of the school committee’s policy and regulations manual and selected materials on school committees, including the Massachusetts Association of School Committees’ handbook for members and the General Laws of Education Relating to School Committees.

New Members will be encouraged to attend meetings or workshops specifically designed for new school committee members. Their expense at these meetings will be reimbursed in accordance with established policy.

ADOPTED: August 15, 1996