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The school attempts to provide a safe environment. If an accident or sudden illness occurs, school personnel will administer first aid and, if warranted, call the school physician.

First aid is defined as the immediate and temporary care given in case of an accident or sudden illness, which enables the child to be taken safely home or to a physician. It does not include diagnosis or treatment. Any care beyond first aid will not be given.

At each school, procedures will be developed for the proper handling of an injury to, or sudden illness of, a child or staff member. These will be made known to the staff and will incorporate the following requirements:

1. The school nurse or another trained person will be responsible for administering first aid.

2. When the nature of an illness or an injury appears in any way serious, every effort will be made to contact the parent and/or family physician immediately.

3. No student who is ill or injured will be sent home alone. A student who is ill or injured will not be taken home or dismissed unless it is known that someone is there to receive him/her, or parental permission to dismiss has been secured.

4. In extreme emergencies, the school nurse, school physician or Principal may make arrangements for immediate hospitalization of injured or ill students, contacting parent or guardian in advance if at all possible.

5. The administrator or other staff member to whom a child is responsible at the time an injury occurs will make out a report on an official form providing details about the accident. This will be required for every injury for which first aid is given.

6. All accidents to students and staff members will be reported as soon as possible to the Superintendent and the School Committee.

LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 71:55A; 71:56

ADOPTED: July 11, 1996