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Due to the potentially dangerous storms this afternoon we are moving the “District of One” walk/fun run to Tuesday, Sep. 3rd @ 6pm. There will be no event this evening.

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Posted Wednesday, August 21, 2019


(All identified dates are windows, specific meeting/deadline dates will be identified and placed on budget calendar by 11/5)

11/5:                - FY ‘20 Budget planning kickoff (using zero based budgeting)

- Distribution of budget worksheets to principals/cost center supervisors

11/5-11/30:     - Analysis of fixed costs, prior budgets, staffing/curriculum needs

- Principals/cost center supervisors develop line item budget needs

- School Committee (SC) and School Leadership (SL) identify district budget


12/3-12/21:     - SL meets to discuss priorities/analyze requests/align spending with priorities

- SL presents requests to SC to ensure alignment with district priorities

1/2:                  - FY ‘20 Draft Budget completed for review at 1/9 SC Meeting

1/16:                - Joint Budget Meeting with towns

1/31:                - “As is” insurance renewal rates and insurance shopping

- Release of Governor’s House 1 Budget

2/1-3/6:           - Review budget with towns’ BOS and administrators

- Conduct budget workshops (3)

3/13:                - School Committee holds public hearing

- School Committee adopts FY ‘20 Budget

3/14-4/30:       - Budget Book presentations to towns @ town and finance committee meetings

5/1-5/30:         - FY ‘20 Final Budget approved at Annual Town Meetings

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Posted Friday, November 16, 2018

Good Afternoon,

This is Dr. Jason DeFalco, Superintendent, calling you with an important matter. We were notified by the Town of Blackstone that there has been a water main break that is forcing the town to shut the water off at the JFK and AFM school. 

As you know, we cannot have the building open without access to water. Therefore, at 12:30pm today will walk one grade at a time to BMRHS where they will spend the rest of the school day. We will dismiss the children at the normal JFK and AFM times but from BMRHS. If you would like to dismiss your child early you are welcome to do so at BMRHS beginning at 12:45pm - please do not report to the JFK and AFM sites. If not, they will be well taken care of at high school until the end of their normal school day. Please know this is not safety issue everyone is safe.

Lastly, the the high school's dismissal time is 2pm so if you decide to dismiss your child we ask that you try to get to the high school between 12:45pm- 1:30pm, park in the visitors' spots in the front of the building and buzz into the main office. Remember, only a person on the child's emergency contact sheet can sign out your child. We will have staff at the high school ready to assist you. 

Please contact my office with any questions. 

Very respectfully, 

Dr. Jason DeFalco

Jason DeFalco, EdD.
Blackstone-Millville Regional School District 
Community, Achievement, Respect & Civility 
"A District of One - 2,000 Strong!" 

Follow us on Twitter: @BMRStrong

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Posted Friday, October 26, 2018

Good Afternoon, AFM Family, 

I hope this email finds you cooling off a bit and enjoying the day.

Since last week's communication regarding the closing of AFM we have had ServPro onsite cleaning the ceilings, floors, walls, rugs, desks, books, cabinets, door frames, window frames and all general surfaces in every classroom, hallway and common area (like the auditorium). In addition, we had every room “fogged” with a cleaning solution that purifies the air by removing all spores. During this entire process, we have been running air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to keep the air clean and fresh.

We have had an air quality engineer come back and test every single classroom to ensure the rooms are safe and secure for students and staff. They have verified that every room in the school is safe and ready for the return of our students and staff. 

The good news in all of this, the mold that was found was determined to be non-toxic and created by the high-levels of humidity we have been experiencing over the month of August.

Moving forward, to ensure our classrooms do not have a re-occurrence we have ordered and purchased a dehumidifier for every classroom in the building (30). They will be onsite and installed over the next week/week and a half.

With that, we will be reopening AFM to all students effective Wednesday, September 5th. We need just a little more time to put our classrooms back together and get them ready for our brilliant AFM scholars! 

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we dealt with this matter.

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and do not hesitate to outreach me with any questions.


My very best,  
Dr. Jason DeFalco

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Posted Friday, August 31, 2018

"Dear AFM Family/Guardian: 

Mold was detected and confirmed at AFM. AFM will be closed for students and staff during the cleaning which will be preformed by a restoration company beginning tomorrow, 8/24. 

However, the school year will launch as scheduled on Wednesday, August 29th for AFM students. AFM students will be relocated in the interim while the cleaning is being conducted to the following locations:

Grade 3- JFK Elementary
Grade 4- Millville Elementary
Grade 5- Millville Elementary

Grade 3, 4 and 5 transportation will run as regularly scheduled. All students will be dropped off/picked up at the Complex. Grade 3 students will report to JFK. Grades 4 and 5 will then be shuttled to Millville Elementary and then shuttled back to AFM at the end of the day for their normal dismissal procedures. 

The district is working diligently to remediate the situation and open AFM as soon as possible. We will communicate any updates to you as soon as they are available. 

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to outreach me with any questions. We are in this together! 


Dr.Jason DeFalco

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Posted Thursday, August 23, 2018

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