Regional School District

Community, Achievement, Respect & Civility

"A District of One - 2,000 Strong!"

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Blackstone-Millville Regional School District

Blueprint for District Improvement 


“A District of One - 2,000 Strong!” 

Our Vision:

The Blackstone-Millville School District embodies an appreciation of life-long learning; excellence in individual and educational programs; and shared accountability among students, staff, parents, and citizens of the community. Everyone works together in an environment founded upon trust, integrity, fairness, open communication, and the belief that all students can learn.

Our Purpose: 

To develop happy, healthy, and proficient students who are prepared for college, career, and community. 

Our Work in Action:

WHEN we focus on the what, the how, the whole child, and the community, THEN we will develop happy, healthy, and proficient students who are prepared for college, career, and make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.

Our District Core Values: 

Community, Achievement, Respect and Civility 



“The What” – Curriculum

We will develop and align curriculum, assessments, and educator professional development to the demands of the MA Curriculum Frameworks. 

-Develop a formal core curriculum and resource selection in the following areas: Science(2019), Literacy/ELA (2020), Secondary Social Studies grades 6-12 (2020), Mathematics (2021)  

-Review and evaluate current specialized programs and resources - Special Education, Response to Intervention, Reading Intervention, and English Language Learners 

-Investigate and pilot different structures, materials and assessments within each of the specialized areas   

-Identify and implement a strengthened and aligned intervention program across and within each specialized area

-Establish a standardized approach for creating, documenting and archiving ALL curriculum 

-Create a data-informed cycle to drive curriculum decisions including the use of authentic and common assessments, STAR data, and MCAS 2.0 

-Develop central, building, and classroom level leadership in curriculum development, evaluation, and implementation 

“The How” – Instruction

We will engage students by making learning purposeful and relevant, enhancing their academic self-concept, allow for students to show their learning in innovative and new ways, all while improving student personal  growth.

-Improve teaching and learning through the development and implementation of high-quality school improvement and staff development plans, school-based instructional leadership teams, and effective professional learning communities 

-Strengthen core instruction by implementing a common set of evidence-based instructional practices 

-Implement instructional supports to assist educators in strengthening their craft

-Develop an aligned instructional focus across all schools 

-Develop central, building, and classroom level leadership in effective planning, teaching, and learning practices 

-Research, create, and implement innovative opportunities for all students to demonstrate their learning   

“The Whole Child”

We will engage the faculty and community in reducing/eliminating the non-academic barriers that prevent students from learning at their optimal level. 

-Establish and maintain positive relationships throughout the entire school community

-Identify and address academic and non-academic factors that hinder student learning and emotional development

-Embed a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework in the Pre-K-12 curriculum 

 -Develop a tiered framework to address the SEL and behavioral needs of all students

“The Community”

We will work side-by-side with the Blackstone and Millville communities to assist both towns in gaining a deeper understanding of today’s learners and how to support their growth for future positive impact on our towns.

-Establish productive two-way communication between schools, district, and home around our strengths, opportunities, and plans for improvement 

-Educate families and the community about each schools’ instructional focus and engage them in our efforts        

-Build partnerships within our community and across our region to strengthen college and workforce readiness opportunities for our students 

-Celebrate our students, staff, and communities

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