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February Newsletter



Welcome to Blackstone-Millville Regional School District and our rapidly improving website.  We are making changes to make our website easier to use with updated content and we welcome your comments as we work to make our website work for all in our educational community. 

This year many school districts, and BMRSD is no exception, have had to deal with school related issues that spiral rapidly upward to social media and beyond.  While posting on social media or calling newspapers and television stations may seem like a good idea, it is counterproductive to learning about issues and providing rapid resolution in the most efficient manner.  If parents have classroom concerns, they should contact their child’s teacher.  If it cannot be resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all, or it is a building concern, then principals and directors should be notified.  If there still is no solution, then by all means, call the Superintendent’s office.  If after discussion, no resolution can be reached, the next level of notification would be the School Committee.  This chain of command should always be used for any and all issues and concerns.  It provides the quickest and most efficient resolution to all issues and concerns and keeps all of us; students, staff, parents, and administration focused on our mission of providing the safest learning environment for all of our students, your children.

As always, please feel free to email me at: or call me at 508-876-0137 with any questions, comments, or concerns after the proper chain of command has been followed and we will work together to provide an effective and efficient solution.