Regional School District

School Supplies

Millville Elementary School
122 Berthelette Way
Millville, MA 01529
8:50am - 3:00pm: School Hours

School Supplies


  • A large backpack to fit folders, projects and papers in.
  • A plastic pencil box that is easy for little hands to open.
  • A box of crayons (any count is fine but no larger than 24)
  • A pair of Fiskar brand scissors (these are the easiest for young children)
  • 3 Large glue sticks
  • 1” three ring binder (name on it please)
  • Gym sneakers to be left at school to use on gym days (velcro fastened sneakers work best for quick changing)
  • 2 large packages of diaper wipes to use for hand washing before snack each day.
  • 1 package of markers (these will be used for community centers and special projects)
  • 1 package of pencils (please do not open, these will be used later in the year)
  • 1 box of pencil top erasers (can be found at the Dollar Store)
  • 1 package of highlighter pens (any color)
  • 1 box of tissues

Please open crayons, scissors, glue sticks and place them in the pencil box so that they will be ready to use them on the first day of school.

Please label your child's gym sneakers and all items brought to school.

Please explain to your child that all of these items will be left at school and some may be collected by the teacher on the first day.

If you would like to donate items, our class is always in need of the following:
Liquid soap
Plastic spoons
Ziploc bags (gallon or sandwich size)
Glue Sticks

Things NOT to bring to school:
Toys, jewelry, valuable items Money not intended for specific, school-based purpose Nuts, peanuts, peanut butter (the Kindergarten wing is a nut-free area).

1st Grade

  • small pencil box
  • scissors
  • 1- piece of dark felt
  • 2- plastic-coated, 2 pocket folders (no prongs)
  • 2- 1 inch, hard-sided binders
  • 2- Composition notebooks
  • A deck of playing cards
  • 1- package of 9x12 construction paper
  • a pair of sneakers that can be left at school for physical education
  • Each child will need a supply of coins to be kept in their Math. Tool Kits for the year. The coins will be returned at the end of the year. Please send in:
  • 2 Quarters
  • 10 Dimes
  • 5 Nickels
  • 20 Pennies

The following items may be less expensive if you buy in bulk during the summer sales. These items will need to be replenished throughout the year. Only send in 2 of each to begin the year. You may send more in when needed.

  • pencils
  • eraser
  • glue sticks
  • Expo low-odor, thin dry erase markers
  • box of 24 crayons

2nd Grade

We are greatly looking forward to working with the students and combining students from both classes to create appropriate learning groups fro reading and mathematics. Therefore, your child may get to work with both teachers throughout the day next year.

Concerning school supplies for the fall, we will provide the students with some of the materials they will need this year. The following is a student list that we are asking each family to provide for their child:

  • Two composition books (not regular notebooks) – found at Dollar Store, Walmart and Staples
  • One pencil box (hard or soft), large enough to hold pencils and erasers
  • Five sharpened pencils and five separate pink erasers
  • One handheld pencil sharpener
  • One packet of dry erase markers (containing four) - these can be found at the Dollar Store, Walmart and Staples
  • One pair of sneakers that can be left at school for physical education classes - please write your child's name/initials on the inside.

If possible, please have these materials ready for the first day of school, which is Wednesday, September 2nd. I will send home an additional letter on our first day discussing curriculum, birthdays, volunteering, and other I important information for families. If you have any questions or concerns, you may email me at this summer, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope you all enjoy the summer and are looking forward to our work together!

3rd Grade

  • Tyconderoga pencils
  • pencil erasers
  • Expo Low Scent Dry Erase markers
  • Felt square (to be used as eraser on white board)
  • 3 x 5 index cards
  • Two composition notebooks
  • One (1) two-inch 3 ring binder
  • One (1) one-inch 3 ring binder
  • One (1) one-inch 3 subject notebook
  • Seven (7) two pocket, three hole-punched folders in various colors
  • Loose leaf paper for binder
  • Highlighters
  • Pack of glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pencil Box/Bag to put personal materials in
  • Colored pencils, markers, crayons

If you would like to contribute to our classroom supplies the following items would be greatly appreciated:

  • Tissues
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Construction Paper

4th Grade

  • 2 Yellow folders
    1 blue folder
    1 green folder
    1 red folder
  • 2 - 1 gallon Ziploc Bags with the name on each in marker
  • 3 - single subject notebooks (not college ruled - different colored covers, if possible)
  • 1 package or more of #2 sharpened pencils
  • Erasers
  • Small box of crayons
  • Glue Sticks
  • Protractor (for home use)
  • Dry erase markers - narrow type, dark colors (no pink or yellow, etc.)
  • 12 inch ruler
  • scissors - blunt edge
  • old white sock for dry erase boards (Mrs. Almquist-only)

Teacher List- Our Wish List of Additional Items:

  • Boxes of tissues
  • Wipes
  • liquid hand soap
  • Antibacterial sanitizer
  • Glue sticks
  • Dry erase markers

5th Grade

  • 1 pkg. colored pencils (24 count)
  • 24 sharpened wood pencils
  • 1 pkg. of pencil top eraser
  • 1 pkg. of colored pens for correcting work
  • 2-3 glue sticks
  • 4 folders (1 for any design for homework & 1 red (with prong fasteners), 1 blue & 1 purple (without fasteners)
  • 1 pkg. 3-ring binder paper reinforcers
  • 4 pack of Expo black dry erase markers (low odor)
  • dry erase eraser or old clean sock
  • 2 pkgs. 4x6 lined index cards
  • crayons (24 count)
  • 2 3-ring binder (1” maximum)
  • 1 pkg (8-10 count) tab dividers
  • 1 single subject notebook
  • 2 pkgs of lined filler paper (college-ruled)
  • 1 pkg. of highlighters (at least one yellow)
  • pencil box
  • 1 box of 200ct. (or more) tissues
  • 5 manilla file folders

Boys (only)

  • Storage bags (Gallon size)
  • Masking Tape
  • Hand Sanitizer (unscented)

Girls (only)

  • Storage bags (Quart size)
  • Scotch tape refill (invisible)
  • Antibacterial wipes

*Students DO NOT need

  • a zipper binder
  • white out
  • markers
  • calculators

Our Wish List:

Puffs Plus with lotion tissues (we use these on the chalkboard), Envelopes (Business size), and Napkins