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BMRSD COVID19 Handbook

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-------8/4/2020 Safety Data Sheets for cleaning products.  Please click here to find find the Safety Data Sheets for all COVID19 cleaning products being used by BMRSD. Please note that all products are deemed safe, and effective at killing the virus. They are also identified on the EPA’s “List N.” If you have any questions, please contact our Assistant Superintendent, Matthew Ehrenworth: mehrenworth@bmrsd.net

-------4/26/2020 Update, posted by Superintendent Jason DeFalco.

Parents, we have received important news from Commissioner Riley, and the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The commissioner has released standards that will be our academic focus over the remaining two months of school.  We are creating a repository for helpful lessons and videos to assist our students with engaging in these standards.  If you or your child have questions on any of this work moving forward, this repository will be a great resource. Information will be uploaded over the next several days, and continue as we move forward.  Please check back soon for additional details. 

-------4/24/2020 BMR Meals Stops and Times Update

-------4/14/2020 MES Staff Parade

-------4/3/2020 Remote Learning Opportunities Notification and Guidance

-------4/01/2020 In this YouTube video, JFK/AFM Students and Staff salute to all essential workers and BMR Lunch Volunteers!

-------3/31/2020  Letter to Families COVID19

-------3/27/2020 Update, posted by Superintendent Jason DeFalco.

Here are the food delivery bus routes and times starting this Monday and Wednesday. Please please be patient with us as we get this in place. We are happy to be expanding this support but will need a couple of "runs" to get it right. You no longer need to bring your own bags for pickup, we will have the food packaged for you.

------- 3/24/2020 Social-Emotional Resources for Parents

Melanie Hauer (Grades K-3) mhauer@bmrsd.net
Brooke Badeau (Grades 4-7) bbadeau@bmrsd.net
Kim Trudeau (Grades 8-12) ktrudeau@bmrsd.net

------- 03/23/2020 Update, posted by Principal Jenny Chan-Remka:

We all know you should wash your hands to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  But exactly why this helps is explained in this informative video.

And here is a video to help you gain access to Google Classroom.

------- 03/22/2020 Update, posted by Superintendent Jason DeFalco.

Schedules that have been shared via various webinars I’ve attended:

I love this fun at home piece!

------- 03/21/2020 Update: We're posting these great tips from Maria Trozzi, M.Ed, for speaking with your children about COVID-19.  

------- 03/20/2020 Update: Please see the update below as we continue to learn and grow through this trying time.

Our Guiding Principles to Help Anchor Us During this Time of Uncertainty:

  • During an unprecedented time such as this, students, families and staff health will remain our top priority.
  • We will continue to support our students, families, and staff to empower our students through additional learning resources and enrichment opportunities with the utmost flexibility.
  • Everyone in our community has the responsibility to collaborate, engage and respond to this challenge.
  • We will get through this together as a “District of One!”

Learning Plans:

  • This work continues to evolve as we get better and more experienced, families and staff settle into new routines, and we get more information and guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). For next week, we are going to leave this week’s model in place, but again, please remember, take advantage of the structure as you want to/are comfortable with - no one needs to have extra stress! We will NOT be issuing grades for assignments at this time, but rather tracking assignment completion so parents can see what students are working on and finishing. Our sense is, over the next week or so the DESE will be releasing additional guidelines and support to all school districts. At that time, we may see some additional changes to our structure. Rule of thumb, just have students do their best - it’s all good.

Food Service:

  • Our food service plans are moving forward. Again, on Mondays and Wednesdays we will be providing breakfast and lunch. On Mondays, we will have food for both Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesdays, for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At 9:30am we will be at the Hope Street Bike Path in Millville and Turbesi Park in Blackstone. At 10:45am we will be at the Blackstone Town Hall. Lastly, we will serve at themiddle school around the back of the building at 11:30am. We will be at each site for one hour. Please bring a shopping bag with you.


  • Please remember that we are all working on this together and your feedback is very important. You have my cell number, the school lines go directly to the appropriate principal cell phone, we have an email setup for any additional questions that you are not sure where to send at bmrsupport@bmrsd.net. We will continue posting updates via our social media but have created a “one stop shop” Covid-19 page on our District’s website - you can access it by clicking the link below. Over the next few days we will start putting all our information and resources there, and try to limit the many emails people are getting. https://www.bmrsd.net/o/bmrsd/page/covid-19-information--57