English language Arts

Language, Reading and Literature, Composition, Media

  • Letters and sounds
  • Rhyming
  • Beginning, middle and end sound of words
  • Blending sounds into words
  • Syllables
  • Color words and sight words
  • Characters, setting, and simple plot of a story
  • Naming and printing upper and lower case letters
  • Listening
  • Communicating effectively in discussions
  • Parts of a book
  • Making predictions stories read to them
  • Retelling a story
  • Drawing pictures or using inventive spelling to tell a story
  • Various forms of literature (genre): nursery rhymes

History and Social Science

History, Geography, Civics and Government Economics

  • Holidays
  • Pilgrims and Native American Cultures
  • Presidents of the United States
  • Time of day, week, and month
  • Community workers
  • Symbols of United States (flag, Pledge of Allegiance)

Science and Technology Engineering

Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science

  • Seasons, weather, and temperature
  • Plants and animals
  • Sort objects by weight, color and size
  • Motion (push and pull)

Number Sense, Patterns and Relations, Geometry and Measurement, Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

  • Counting, printing and matching numbers in order to 20
  • Naming coins: (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)
  • Solving simple number stories
  • The concept of half and whole
  • Measurement concepts ( inch, pound, cup)
  • Telling time to the hour
  • Basic shapes (square, circle, etc.)
  • Describing basic patterns
  • Counting by 5’s and 10’s to 50
  • Basic graphs
  • Estimation
  • Comparing using math vocabulary, ( more than, less than, fewer, same as)

Physical Education/Health and Wellness

All students will learn about basic movement skills, such as running and jumping. All are provided opportunities to strengthen eye-hand coordination.


All students are introduced to beats and rhythm, loud and soft, fast and slow. They will participate in solo and group singing. Music themes integrate academics such as National Holidays and the National Anthem.


Students will learn about basic elements of design; motor skills, visual skills used while developing fine motor skills. They will also learn about basic shapes and colors. Finally, they will learn about the differences in media.


Students learn how to care for books and check them out of the library. They are introduced to authors and illustrators.