The School Committee of Blackstone-Millville Regional School District is committed to providing access and equity that fosters an inclusive and rich teaching and learning environment throughout the district. We do not tolerate racism or injustice in any form and value all the relationships developed in our district. We welcome, respect, and support all members of our district and embrace their contributions to student success. We also value our town and community partners that significantly impact our ability to develop essential programs and services. We are here to listen and hear the concerns of our community and to take action to ensure that education is truly the equalizer so that no one feels unseen or unvalued. We respect all individual’s rights to peacefully have their voice heard. Let us hear what you have to say about our school district. In this school district, we serve to be your voice and are committed to being that voice for all members of our communities. 

School Committee Group Email: bmrdsc@bmrsd.net
Position Name Email Address Elected Term Ends
Member Keri Gaudette keri Gaudette@bmrsd.net 2020 2021
Member Jack R. Keefe jackkeefe@bmrsd.net 2017 2021
Secretary Tara L. Larkin taralarkin@bmrsd.net 2020 2024
Member Tammy Lemieux tammylemieux@bmrsd.net 2019 2023
Chair Jane C. Reggio janereggio@bmrsd.net 2018 2022
Treasurer Caryn Vernon carynvernon@bmrsd.net 2017 2021
Vice Chair Erin P. Vinacco erinvinacco@bmrsd.net 2020 2024
Member Sarah E. Williams sarahwilliams@bmrsd.net 2018 2022