Some of our duties and responsibilities:
  • Providing career, personal/social, and academic guidance.
  • Teaching a Middle School Success course. Units focus on self-esteem buidling, study skills, career exploration, calming techniques/mindfulness and teambuilding.
  • Advocating for all students to enhance educational experience and learning outcome.
  • Providing individual and small group prevention/counseling programs.
  • Providing parent information.
  • Providing referrals for outside counseling and testing.
  • Performing community outreach.
  • Providing information on high school programs including vocational schooling options.
  • Functioning as a resource between parents and teachers.
  • Partnering with administration, nursing, and wellness educators.
  • Meeting with academic teams and parents/guardians.
  • Assisting with student transitions and registration.
  • Developing student schedules.
  • Participating in IEP, 504 and BBST meetings when necessary.