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Overview of ChromebookLearn how your school issued Chromebook works
Google Toolkit for FamiliesToolkit of training videos/resources about the Google for Education technologies your child is using.
Google for Education Family Tech FAQAnswers to Questions about Google for Education
Best Practicies for Family Engagement - Google for EducationBest practices on navigating the technology your child is using.
Tech Toolkit for Families and Gurdians - Google for Education YouTube ChannelQuick videos explaining all parts of Google for Education that your child is using
Google Classroom To do List and Assignment Calendar Learn how to easily know what work needs to be done and when it is due.
Basic Overview of Google ProductsLearn basic features of the commonly used Google Products
Kami (instead of DocHub) Makes PDF editable/writeable
Using Tabs Learn how to use tabs
How to Make a Copy of a Document Learn how to make a copy of a Google Document that is shared with you.
How to Turn in an Assignment in Google Classroom Learn how your student turns in an assignment in Google Classroom.
How to Resubmit an Assignment in Google Classroom Learn how to resubmit an assignment if your student has had work sent back in Google Classroom, with feedback to fix the assignment.
How to Take a Screenshot on your Chromebook Learn how to take a screenshot of your Chromebook screen or a part of your screen.
Take a Picture with your Chromebook  Learn how to take a picture with your Chromebook and access that picture in your files.
Take a Picture with Google Docs
Learn how to take a photo using Google Docs 
Take a Picture with your Personal Device and Send it to your Chromebook. Learn how to take a picture with your personal device and send it to your Chromebook.
How Students Check their Work in Google Classroom Learn how students can see all of their assignments in one place in Google Classroom.
Private Message to Teacher
Learn how to send your teacher a private message in Google Classroom
Use Voice Typing in Google Docs Learn how to use Voice typing in Google Docs.
Use Google Explore Learn how to use Google Explore. Google Explore allows you to do research and look for images while in a Google Doc.
Check Revision History in Google Docs Learn how to check the history of a Google Doc.
Add Columns and Tables to Google Docs Learn how to add columns and tables in Google Docs.
Delete Files on your Chromebook

If your Chromebook is running slow, or you get a message that you don’t have enough memory, delete files from your Chromebook.
Reset Google Settings

If your Google products aren’t functioning, (i.e. Google Classroom won’t load,) try resetting your Google settings.
Google Tasks

Learn how to create an online to-do list on Google.
Google KeepLearn how to create virtual sticky notes to keep yourself organized.