Article 1: Name and Address
The principal name and address of this organization is the Blackstone Elementary Parents Organization, Inc., 200 Lincoln Street, Blackstone, MA 01504.

Article 2: Objective and Purpose
The specific objective and purpose of this organization is to provide for the advancement of educational and recreational programs for students of the J.F. Kennedy/A. F. Maloney Elementary Schools.

Article 3: Participation

3.1 Participation is open to all families and teachers of the J.F. Kennedy/A.F. Maloney Elementary School students, as well as the adminstrators of said schools.

3.2 In order to vote on any financial decisions, events or ideas, participants must have attended at least one BEPO meeting during the school year prior to voting. If it is the first meeting of the school year, the participant must have attended at least one BEPO meeting in the previous school year. A sign-up sheet is provided at each meeting.

Article 4: Offices

4.1 The elected officers of this organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

4.2 The officers shall be elected for a term of one year.

4.3 The term of office is from July 1 to June 30 preceding the election.

4.4 The election will be held on the last regularly scheduled meeting of the school year.

4.5 Officers are expected to attend each regularly scheduled meeting. If an officer is not in attendance at three (3) consecutive meetings, he/she will be considered resigned from the position. Officer should submit an official resignation letter to clarify the situation. The procedures from Article 7 of these by-laws will be followed to fill the position at the following meeting. 

Article 5: Officer Duties

5.1 President

(a) Shall organize and preside over the regular scheduled meetings of the organization.

(b) Shall authorize the opening of all bank accounts and oversee all financial matters and contract signing.

(c) Shall represent the organization in all official matters and dealings with outside parties. However, the President cannot enter into any building agreements for the organization without a majority vote of its membership.

5.2 Vice President

(a) Shall assist the President and report to the membership.

(b) Shall assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

5.3 Secretary

(a) Shall record the minutes of all the PTO monthly meetings.

(b) Shall deliver the monthly minutes to the President in a timely manner prior to the next meeting.

(c) Shall prepare and distribute the previous month’s minutes at the current monthly meeting.

(d) Shall notify and make available to all members a copy of any proposed changes to the bylaws.

5.4 Treasurer

(a) Shall be the custodial of all funds of the organization.

(b) Shall keep all funds in a financial institution in the name of BEPO, Inc. subject to withdrawal by check/debit card in conjunction with the President and the guidelines as required by the bank.

(c) Shall disperse funds in accordance with the BEPO bylaws.

(d) Shall keep ledgers correct and up-to-date and available for audits and public viewing.

(e) Shall prepare and distribute a Treasurer’s Report at each meeting.

(f) Shall keep financial records of all events. 

Article 6: Elections

6.1 By the regular monthly meeting in March, all interested parties, including current officers wishing to be considered to re-election, must submit nominations, in writing, to the President and/or building principal.

6.2 At the regular monthly meeting in April, a list of nominations will be accepted from the floor.

6.3 Elections shall take place at the regular monthly meeting in May.

6.4 If a member submits a nomination prior to the deadline and wishes to withdraw his/her name, he/she should prepare a written letter of intent and submit same to the President and/or building principal. 

Article 7: Vacancies

7.1 If for any reason the President is unable to continue his/her duties, the Vice President will assume the duties of the President. If the Vice President declines, a nominating committee shall be responsible to make a motion to elect a new President from a list of nominees.

7.2 In the event of a vacancy in any other office, a nominating committee shall be responsible to make a motion to elect another person from a list of nominees.

7.3 An officer must submit his/her resignation in writing to the Secretary or President.

7.4 Nominating Committee shall consist of the remaining officers and any other eligible voting members in attendance at the meeting to discuss the list of possible nominees. Decisions will be made by a majority vote on the nominating committee. 

Article 8: Committees

8.1 Committees shall be formed on an as needed basis.

8.2 Each committee shall have a chairperson as appointed by the President.

8.3 Committees shall meet at the discretion of the chairperson.

8.4 The committee chairperson will submit all projects and proposals to the membership for approval prior to carrying out any action. If approval is needed prior to the next subsequent general meeting, the approval of the majority of officers will suffice.

8.5 Each chairperson is required to complete and update an information folder for their project or event. The folder should contain copies of all instructions, plans, correspondence, flyers, reports, lists and expenses. The project folders shall be given to a BEPO officer for filing.

Article 9: Meetings

9.1 The regular scheduled monthly meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month, at the A. F. Maloney Elementary School cafeteria. These meetings will be held from September through and including May, with the exception of no regularly scheduled meeting in January.

9.2 A quorum consists of eight members, including officers, and is required for voting on proposed motions. Motions must be seconded by an additional member prior to putting the motion forth for a vote. A motion is passed/approved if it receives approval from the majority of possible votes. In case of a tie, the President makes the final decision. 

9.3 Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern any matter not covered by these bylaws.

Article 10: Financial Approvals

10.1 Any motions involving expenditures of money must be voted upon by members in accordance with Article 9.2 above.

10.2 If a request for an expenditure of money is presented to an elected officer, which requires such approval prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting, elected officers may vote on such item (either in person, via email, or via telephone) up to an amount of $500.00. Such request must be unanimously approved by all elected officers. Each such vote must be discussed at the next regularly scheduled meeting to inform the membership and for inclusion in the meeting minutes.

10.3 Bounced Checks: In the event that BEPO receives a check that bounces for any BEPO sponsored event, fundraiser, or purchase BEPO will take the following action:

  1. The BEPO treasurer will send out a written notification by mail to the home address of the individual who wrote the check stating the amount of the check in addition to bank fees must be paid in full to BEPO by cash, money order or a bank check within 14 days.

  2. If the individual does not pay the amount and fees back to BEPO within 14 days, a second letter will be sent out by the treasurer stating they will not be allowed to attend another BEPO sponsored event until the amount plus bank fees are paid in full to BEPO.

  3. If BEPO is made aware of a financial hardship of said individual, BEPO will use its discretion to work on a payment plan, or forgiveness of the amount.

Article 11: Amendments

11.1 These bylaws may be amended as conditions arise by a majority vote of the members present. Suggested changes should be submitted at the prior meeting to the President and Secretary before being acted upon. The Secretary shall notify and make a copy of the proposed changes available to all members.

(Bylaws updated as of 6/4/18)