Advanced Placement exams are taken in order to earn college credit in a particular course. Blackstone-Millville Regional High School currently offers eleven different AP courses. AP tests are administered in early May and are scored on a point system, 1-5. In some cases, depending on the score, you may earn college credit, but you will need to confirm this. In most cases students will be recommended for particular AP courses by your teacher or counselor.


  • May 2: Chemistry, Psychology

  • May 3: Computer Science, Physics 1

  • May 4: English Literature and Composition

  • May 5: Calculus

  • May 6: US History

  • May 9: Biology, Music Theory

  • May 10: US Government and Politics

  • May 11: English Language and Composition, Macroeconomics

  • May 12 World History, Statistics

  • May 13: Microeconomics