Pony Express


The Pony Express is the Official School Newspaper of Blackstone-Millville Regional High School. It is printed seven times annually, culminating with its yearly special graduation issue.

While graduation is going on, dedicated members of the newspaper staff are taking pictures, writing stories and designing pages for the issue. Then, the staff prints the issue just before the end of the ceremony. Staff members rush out and distribute the "hot off the presses" edition as new graduates, parents and guests leave the ceremony. It is believed that BMR's Pony Express is the ONLY SCHOOL IN AMERICA that offers its students this unique "on deadline" experience.

The Pony Express is an after-school extra-curricular club. The faculty advisor is Mark Juba. ALL BMR STUDENTS are eligible to join. To participate, students must be willing to write stories and/or take photos of the people and events around BMR. The Pony Express meets every Monday after-school from October until the Monday after Graduation. The club's annual ice cream party, where all members who contributed to the newspaper are personally invited, is held the Monday after graduation.

The Pony Express mission is to documents the events and interesting people surrounding BMR. Its lead stories are generally feature stories on students or faculty, and the newspaper's focus is to emphasize the positive people and events that occur at the high school.

For student staff members, the program’s goal is to teach them what it is like to work at all departments of a newspaper. Unlike some high school papers that only focus on the writing and photography of the stories, the Pony Express also teaches about designing pages, printing the issue and distributing to the readers. The online and printed issues come out simultaneously. Printing is done at the school, with pages being done either in full-color and black-and-white, depending on the editor's discretion and budget concerns. All issues are 8-pages, with the final graduation issue being printed and published online entirely in color.

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