Keep Your Counselor Informed:
Counselors have specialized information related to specific colleges or scholarships. The information cannot be passed along if your plans are kept to yourself.

Read Directions Carefully:
Keep a checklist and notes on your progress. Applications can take much longer than expected. Give yourself adequate time to complete all the tasks.

Be Aware of Deadlines:
Since requirements and schedules vary so widely, it is important to keep track of each college and/or scholarship’s requirements, deadlines, and special procedures. Take note that college applications, financial aid, and scholarship deadlines are usually not the same.

Your counselor can provide:

  • Interest and encouragement.
  • Instruction in BMR application procedures.
  • Help with online tools used in the process.
  • Straight forward answers and suggestions.
  • Time for discussion and feedback assistance in filling out applications as needed.

Your counselor cannot:

  • Read your mind
  • Make choices for you
  • Tell you all you need to know
  • Make all appointments for you

What your counselor expects of you:

  • To be organized
  • Develop an application strategy early
  • Take responsibility for your choices
  • Understand that information is gathered from many sources. Do not expect to find all you need to know in one place
  • Maintain communication with your counselor
  • Read application instructions carefully and completely
  • Make appointments when you have questions
  • Use Naviance

College Application Package
A college application usually has many parts:

  • High School Transcript
  • 1st quarter senior grades
  • Teacher, counselor and/or other recommendations
  • Rank-in-class and GPA
  • College admission testing scores
  • Essay
  • Application Fee
  • Blackstone-Millville Regional High School – School Profile

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