• Get off to a good start academically

  • Work with parents and counselor to implement post-secondary plans

  • Register for the PSAT


  • Take PSAT Exam in October


  • Maintain focus on academic work

  • Discuss career and college interests with your guidance counselor

  • Begin to identify college that may be an appropriate “fit’ for you.


  • Assess your PSAT results

  • Develop plans to prepare for the SAT(s)

  • Discuss options available to improve your test taking skills


  • Consider SAT test prep if needed

  • Finalize your testing plan for the remainder of the year

  • Fully prepare for mid-year exams

  • Create a list of “Prospective colleges”


  • Develop an Activities List

  • Research colleges that fit your career interests and personal goals

  • Create a file for each college or university that you are considering


  • Continue to investigate post-secondary options that interest you

  • Register for the May SAT (at BMR)

  • Make appointments to visit colleges and universities.

  • Decide whether you plan to take SAT Subject tests

  • Explore post-secondary institutions on line and email them for admission materials


  • Attend spring college fairs(Boston National College Fair in April)

  • Visit local colleges during spring vacation

  • Continue researching post-secondary opportunities

  • Register for the June SAT or SAT Subject test

  • Register for June ACT

  • Take SAT Subject Tests, if required by colleges that interest you


  • Take May SAT

  • Narrow down your list of colleges

  • Continue to visit colleges and universities

  • Update Activity List

  • Ask current teachers for letters of recommendation


  • Take SAT or SAT Subject Tests and/or ACT

  • Assess May SAT scores and plan future testing based on results


  • Continue to visit colleges

  • Obtain college applications. The Common Application usually becomes available online in early July.

  • Write first draft of college essay