The SAT Subject Tests measure your knowledge and skills in particular subject areas and your ability to apply that knowledge.

The SAT Subject Tests are the only national admissions tests that give you the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of content in specific subjects, such as English, history, mathematics, science, and various foreign languages.

Many colleges use the SAT Subject Tests for admission, course placement, and course selection advice. Some colleges specify the SAT Subject Tests that they require for admission of placement; others allow applicants to choose which tests to take. These tests give you and colleges a very reliable measure of how prepared you are for college-level work in particular subjects. Used in combination with other background information (your high school record, SAT Scores, teacher recommendations, etc.), they provide a dependable measure of your academic achievement and are a good predictor of future college performance in specific subject areas.

When considering whether or not to take the Subject Tests, it’s important to speak with your counselor. Since some colleges require subject tests and some do not, in many cases it may not be worth spending the money if it isn’t necessary. As colleges are researched sophomore and junior year, you should pay particular attention as to whether or not this is a requirement of colleges that you are applying to.