Student grades in band classes will be based on the following criteria:

  • Attendance at all rehearsals and concerts

  • Successful completion of one or two auditions of required band music

  • Class participation

  • Individual improvement

  • Semester Exams and Quizzes

All Bands are academic classes with activities scheduled outside of the school day. Examples of activities are concerts, Memorial Day parades and festivals. Students who are members of the instrumental music department are required to attend.

Note: Failure to attend a public performance, if unexcused, will result in a deduction of 15 points from the quarter grade.

Band is a performance-based subject. Since extracurricular musical activities are likely to have an impact on individual students’ performance in band, we strongly recommend, although it is not required, participation in one or more of the activities below.

  • Private lessons

  • Small ensemble public performance

  • Projects

  • Jazz program

  • Central District Auditions


50% Class Participation, to include the following:

  • You must bring your INSTRUMENT every day (percussionists must bring one pair of snare drum sticks)

  • You must bring your MUSIC every day (music must be kept in your band folder; NOT crammed in your instrument case!)

  • You must bring a PENCIL every day (hint: keep it in your folder or case)

  • In addition to instruments, woodwind players must come to band rehearsal with EXTRA REEDS (at least one)

  • Attendance at concerts and parades (May/June only)

Please understand that each student receives a daily participation grade. Every day that you bring your instrument, music and pencil; play your instrument when asked and obey the classroom rules, you will receive an A. Pretty cool, right? However, you will receive a zero for the day if you forget your instrument. (Exception: instrument is in the repair shop; in that case, please bring in a note from parent/guardian)

25% Quizzes (Playing and Written)

  • Details discussed in rehearsal; students will have at least 2 weeks’ notice

  • Scale quizzes (such as B-flat scale; A-flat scale, chromatic scale, etc.)

  • Written quizzes covering such topics as note names, rhythm and musical terms

  • (No more than one written quiz per quarter)

25% Playing Exams (Auditions)

  • Specific details discussed during rehearsals; students will have at least 2 weeks’ practice time on each assigned song

  • Songs for playing exams will be instrument-specific, i.e. all trombones will have play the same song

Note: Failure to attend a public performance or parade, if unexcused, will result in a
deduction of 15 points from the quarter grade