Demonstrate civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Content Topic 1: Civics: classroom citizenship [K.T1]

2. Take on responsibilities and follow through on them, being helpful to and respectful of others

Video on being helpful..."Helping out here at home"

Video on being respectful of others---"Respect"

Video on citizenship ... "Citizenship in the classroom"

Video on citizenship ..."Citizenship in school"

Sesame Street Word on the Street "Respect"

4. Ask and answer questions and explore books to gain information about national symbols, songs, and texts of the United States.of characters who show authority, fairness, caring, justice, responsibility, or who show how rules are created and followed.

Video on rules..."Why do we have rules?"

Video on responsibility ... "Taking your turn"

Read Aloud "Kindness is cooler Mrs.Ruler"

Video....Introduction to American symbols and Monuments

Video on national symbols..."American Symbols"

Video on national symbols..."U.S. Flag"

Video on National symbols..."Statue of Liberty

Video on National Symbols .... "Mount Rushmore"

Video on National Symbols..."George Washington: Home and Family

US Symbols Song

Content Topic 3: History: shared traditions [K.T3]

2. Contrast and compare traditions and celebrations of peoples with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Video on traditions and customs

Video on celebrations..."American Holidays"

Video on celebrations..."Winter Celebrations"

Video on celebrations..."Diwali"

Video on "Cultures of the World"

3. Put events from their personal lives, observations of the natural world, and from stories and informational texts read or read aloud in temporal order, using words and phrases relating to chronology and time:

Video on Timelines

Video on What is a Timeline?

Cartoon - Social Studies Video on Timeline