1. Reeds and other supplies (valve oil, cleaners, etc.) are available from the music department at 40% off the list price. Reeds will be sold by the box only. All reed players are required to have at least 3 playable reeds in their cases at all times. There are also several music stores in the local area from which you may purchase music supplies. Please contact your child’s teacher to be sure your purchase meets the needs of your child.

2. Percussionists will be required to have a pair of “concert” sticks to use in the concert percussion settings. These sticks are required at every rehearsal. Marching sticks are not to be used in concert settings. BMR will supply mallets for use on the timpani, bass drum and keyboard instruments. The student is responsible for replacing any damaged mallets or instruments.

3. Students who are assigned to play instruments owned by the school are responsible for the care of those instruments. Instruments must be clean and properly maintained. Students and parents are responsible for the loss of school owned instruments and any damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Periodically Music Staff Members will Inspect Students’ Equipment.