The following subcommittees and chairpersons have been established for the FY19 Academic Year…

Finance/Facilities Subcommittee: Chair: Erin Vinacco (Caryn, Sarah, Tara)

  • Work with leadership team and assistant superintendent to recommend annual operating and capital budgets

  • Make recommendations and communicate with Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

  • Review audits of finances

  • Interact with town officials/finance committees during annual budget formation

  • Review income and expenses over the course of the year and bring recommended transfers between cost centers to the full Committee

  • Review and recommend staff additions when there are changes to the adopted budget.

  • Annually Review facilities plans with Leadership to ensure infrastructure needs are being addressed.

  • Work directly with Town planning/building commissions or appropriate bodies

  • Propose capital projects and follow through with MSBA, Town Officials and others to ensure progress towards completion of projects.

  • Review District Technology Plan to ensure technology support of educational program, curriculum and staffing needs.

  • Make recommendations to entire Committee for improvements or upgrades to satisfy the needs of the District.

Public Relations/Community Outreach: Chair: Jack Keefe (Tara)

  • Coordinate calendar for Committee members to attend monthly BOS meetings in their respective Towns

  • Work with Superintendent on Public Relations campaign for the District

  • Propose changes (language) of the Regional Agreement to the Policy Committee

Teaching and Learning: Chair: Bethany Dunton (Tammy, Sarah)

  • Review student performance data as available including but not limited to STAR and MCAS 2.0.

  • Participate as available in Focused Schools and Summit Schools Discussions

  • Use performance data to make programmatic or curriculum change recommendations for funding

  • Review and make recommendations on school improvement plans and student handbooks

  • Review academic grants as presented by the administration

Negotiation & Superintendent Evaluation: Chair: Jane Reggio (Sarah, Jack, Tammy (for Collective Bargaining) including Matt and Jason, Bethany will Chair Superintendent Annual Evaluation)

  • Conduct Collective Bargaining with Unions

  • Recommend Compensation for superintendent

  • Review non-represented contracts at time of renewal and bring to full Committee as required.

  • Design, organize and implement annual evaluation of the Superintendent

  • Make Recommendations on Legal Counsel

Policy: Chair: Tammy Lemieux (Jack, Erin)

  • Recommend new policies and revisions to policies, protocols and procedures, and the regional agreement.

  • Design, and implement the annual self-evaluation of the School Committee

  • Annually review mission/vision statements

  • Annually review District Improvement Strategy

Wellness: Member: Jack Keefe (Tracey Ducharme, Lynnea Gleason)

  • To support the efforts of the District Wellness Committee

  • To initiate an annual review of Programs and Protocols as outlined in the Policy Manual and State Regulations